10 Natural ways to treat kidney stones and infection

Natural ways to treat kidney stones and infection

(kidney stones)، Kidneys may seem harmless little hard workers that cleanse your blood off its toxins and keep the system running. However, these aren’t so harmless after all. Without this vital kidney function, waste would accumulate and serious damage to the organs throughout your body would occur.

kidney stones


Kidney stones are deposits of mineral or organic substances that form in the kidneys. Female hormones prevent kidney stones from forming, thus men are most likely to suffer. Kidney stone formation can be genetic so you may get it too if your family has a history of it.

Kidney stones don usually produce noticeable symptoms until they pass onto your ureter. Here they can cause agonizing pain and result in blood in urine. Diet may be the foremost donor to why some people develop kidney stones. Following are some tips to prevent kidney issues:

  1. Water intake: The basic purpose of water is to keep your urine diluted so that your kidney stones cannot form easily. Salts and other minerals tend to be released instead of forming clusters. Drink a minimum of 50% of body weight in ounces of water daily and keep checking urine color to know your water intake. With a kidney infection, germs and bacteria take up home within your kidney . Drinking extra water helps your kidneys be able to flush those germs and bacteria out of your body, taking the contamination along with it.
  2. Eat well: Make sure you’re taking in lots of veggies and fruits. These must be water rich as opposed to starch rich. Examples include watermelons, berries, apples, onions and olive oil. Cut down on excessive meat because it’s a contributor to kidney stones.
  3. Uva Ursi herb: This is one of the most used and trusted herb for removal of the kidney stones. Also known as bearberry, it acts as an antiseptic and diuretic as well. 500mg three times a day is recommended for kidney stones.
  4. Kidney beans: These are a natural remedy to stones. Take kidney beans and boil in enough water for six hours. Let it cool, and drink throughout the day as a way to ease the pain. They may not taste so sweet but they work sweetly to keep your stone from hurting less.
  5. Citrate Sodas: Make sure to take in citrate sodas because they prevent calcium formation and lead to stone destruction. These are recommended by doctors and may also come in pill form.
  6. Body work: Reflexology is just one form of bodywork that can arouse the organs and control physical functions. Treatment can focus on the pituitary gland, thyroid and kidney.
  7. No smoking: if you really want to protect your kidneys. Stop smoking as well as consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  8. Vitamin C: Take vitamin C supplements. They will raise the acidity of your urine and bacteria will find it increasingly difficult to survive here. Eat an orange or grapefruit every day or take a vitamin C tablet every morning with breakfast.
  9. Don’t bubble your bath: The bubbly water damages the mucous in your urethra and allows an easy entry for germs. They will cause more damage to your already infected kidneys.
  10. Use dandelion roots: Dandelion root stimulates the production of bile, which carries away waste and helps in assimilation. Take 500 mg of dandelion root as a supplement, or spin it into a salad or perhaps have a cup of dandelion tea?

All in all you don’t need a surgery to get rid of a stone or heal an infection. Lots of home remedies are available to keep you at ease and out of the problem in no time

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