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Natural Deodorants 5 ways that you may not know of!

Natural Deodorants 5 ways that you may not know of!

Natural Deodorants,  Its no secret I sweat a lot. So much so, that when visiting places that were hot and most likely with very little to no access to air conditioning, I had to resort to wearing only pure cotton and muslin as my sweat pores would keep producing sweat and besides cotton and muslin, no other material would absorb it thereby increasing intensity of the odor And, yes, there were days I couldn’t stop spritzing perfume and cologne to conceal the body odor, and at the end of the day, my perfume bottle would be reduced to half but the odor was right there – bad and intense!

Natural Deodorants

With a heavy heart and paranoia settling in every time the temperatures went high, I tried several deodorants but none would work. After several months of wasting money on deodorants that didn’t work, I set about to look for something natural that would not only conceal the smell emitted by my sweat, but would leave my body fragrant and appealing to the sensory endings in the nose. And voila! – I found not one but quite a few natural deodorants that take no more than a few ingredients and a couple of minutes to make, not to forget, the lasting pleasant smell!

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Of-course, with everybody having a different skin type, you may have to try one or all of the following natural deodorants to see which one suits u best, has the scent you prefer and to make sure you don’t develop a rash. My favorite is the one with vanilla as its scent is long lasting and gets head turns everywhere you go.

Five of the most natural deodorants that don’t cost much and are readily available

#1 Milk of Magnesia Natural Deodorants

available at most pharmacies, this milk of magnesia is safe to use solo, as it causes no irritation to skin. Also, its simple to use and goes easy on the pocket. Simply take in your hand, an amount the size of a small coin and rub in your armpits. Let dry in air before putting on your shirt. It leaves no stain and keeps odors at bay!

#2 Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Deodorants

who would have thought an inexpensive bottle of apple cider vinegar could conceal body odor even after strenuous exercise! Pour a little onto a cotton swab and apply in your pits. If you’ve just recently shaved, it may sting a little, but eventually gets better. With an initial vinegary smell, it fades into nothingness in the span of a few minutes and keeps you odorless. What more could u ask for?

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#3 Rubbing alcohol

rubbing a bit of rubbing alcohol (available at pharmacies) can conceal any odor that may arise. Simple and inexpensive!

#4 Soda Starch Oil

yes, that’s what I call it! In a lidded jar, mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of corn starch and add anywhere between 10 and 20 drops of essential oil of your preference. Apply and enjoy the day without a care! I would always add vanilla as I love the fragrance, but you could also put in lavender or tea tree. Either works well.

The last one, although takes much longer to make, but is my favorite and smells the best!

#5 Vanilla Bean Infusion

Make a cut down the side of vanilla beans and chop into pieces that will fit inside an airtight jar. Pour any carrier oil (I prefer jojoba oil) over the vanilla beans, put the airtight lid on and let sit somewhere where the sun can shine on it. Now, this scent infusion can take anywhere about 4 weeks, so keep shaking the bottle, but do not open. After a month, using a muslin cloth or coffee filter, filter the vanilla beans from the infused oil. Works great when applied with hands in your pits. This not only keeps your body odor away but gives you a lasting beautiful fragrance.

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That said, I am about to go put my natural deodorant on. What are YOU waiting for

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