Apple is a fruit that is popular with everyone, a fruit that is rich in dietary value, especially fibre and carbohydrates, It has many health benefits, starting from helping to inspire and prevent constipation and low cholesterol as well as preventing acidity, For the skin, apples are natural fruits that help to hydrate the skin and fly it, Studies have also indicated that it is one of the best fruits in cancer prevention, and it has a positive effect on cardiovascular health, It is customary for apples to be eaten in normal form or chopped into fruit salad or dessert, but little do housewives think about making applesauce at home, In this article, we will address the way applesauce works in a simple and easy way, so as to provide it to children and thus ensure that it does not affect their health; applesauce with milk, applesauce with ginger, applesauce with kiwi and bananas, applesauce with carrots and ginger, applesauce can be done differently for infants, which is called apple mash, and in this article we will have several ways of doing baby apple mash, including; Apple jams with kiwi and pears, apple jaws with red berries, apple jaws with sweet potatoes and carrots, apple jaws and orange juice.


How to prepare Applesauce :

  • Preparation time: of 7 minutes.
  • Difficulty level: easy.
  • The number of quotas: is enough for 3 people.



  • Five big red apples or fresh yellow apples.
  • Three big cups of cold water.
  • Two big tablespoons of soft, sweet white sugar.
  • Half a pill of sour lemon.


Preparation method:

  • Peel five pills of apples, cut into slices and clean out the seeds.
  • Apples are placed in the blender with a glass of cold water, the blender is occupied until the ingredients are squeezed, and the ingredients are well blended together.
  • Add to the mixture the rest of the cold water cups and then add to the mixture lemonade with white sugar.
  • The ingredients fail well in the blender and then filter the mixture with a piece of light, transparent cloth.
  • The juice is spilled into the serving cups, and then the applesauce is decorated by placing a slice of apple on the cup and serving cold.


Apple, kiwi and dune mashes for infants:

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes.
  • Difficulty level: is easy.
  • The number of quotas: is enough for two people.


Preparation method:

  • A small fruit of fresh apples.
  • A small fruit of fresh pears.
  • Small fruit of fresh kiwi.
  • 180 ml of water.



  • Peel the apples and pears, chop the little pieces.
  • Water is placed on a medium – temperature fire and left until it boils.
  • Pears and apples are put into the water and the mixture is left for 10 minutes.
  • The mixture is placed in the food juice, and then the kiwi is added to it, the ingredients are vibrating well.
  • It’s put in a bowl for babies, and then it’s served for the baby.


Benefits of applesauce promoting heart health:

Apples contain a large source of antioxidant substances, such as; Polyphenol and flavonoids that benefit the heart’s health, and they also provide the important returned body and potassium that regulates cardiac electrification, so drinking applesauce daily, improves the heart’s function, and helps its proper functioning.


Preventing asthma:

One of the unique advantages of apples is that it contains flavo-noid compounds, which are known nutrients that help prevent asthma attacks.


Purge liver:

Alkali properties in apples help cleanse the body of toxins, waste and by-products from the liver, in addition to maintaining acidity levels in the body, and the crust in the apple peel enhances digestive function.


Reducing blood cholesterol:

One of the benefits of applesauce is that it helps reduce blood cholesterol levels; Excess cholesterol levels in the body are the main cause of many cardiovascular diseases, and the immune system can also be enhanced against these diseases by eating apples or a glass of applesauce.


Maintaining strong and healthy bones:

Apples provide a number of healthy nutrients including vitamin C, iron, and boron, and these nutrients keep the bone structure healthy and strong.


Strengthening the immune system:

Apples contain a good amount of vitamin C.

That improves the immune system, and helps the body fight germs and bacteria.


Cancer prevention:

Applesauce is the best anti-oncology and cancer, especially lung cancer, and flavonides and phenolic acids found in apples have been shown to be very effective to prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors.


Constipation therapy:

Constipation is a severe health problem when the intestines absorb a lot of water, and apples contain sorlptol, which treats this problem.


Improving eye health:

Applesauce contains a sufficient amount of vitamin A, and this vitamin helps to improve eye vision, prevent disorders.


Beauty benefits from applesauce:

Applesauce has great skin and hair advantages and is widely used in treating skin problems such as; Dermatitis, itching, skin cleavage, wrinkles, applesauce can be placed for a few minutes on the scalp to ensure the prevention of peel and other scalp disorders.

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