Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread


How to make fairy bread?


Fairy bread is a classic treat for Australian children.
It’s easy to make:

Paint a little butter on regular white bread, then spray bread with hundreds and thousands of sweets.
Use rainbow sprinklers to get a colorful look, or chocolate sprinklers to get a touch.



  • 8 thin white bread slices.
  • 1/2 cup hundreds and thousands (or colored machine guns).
  • 1/2 cup butter (or alternative other than dairy).


Method 1 of 2:

Prepare fairy bread:

  • Use the white bread.
  • Fairy bread is traditionally made from thin white bread.
  • However, feel free to mix it with another kind of bread, depending on your preference.
  • You can cut the crusts or leave them on your own.
  • If you’re making imaginary bread for kids, think about removing the crust.
  • Single bread with butter.
  • Paint the butter first so it’s easy to paint.
  • Put on a thin layer of butter covering every square millimeter of bread surface.
  • Make sure you use enough to stick the soles.
  • Feel free to use margarine or other butter not derived from dairy products.
  • You can even use Nutella Spred to get a touch.
  • However, traditional fairy bread is made from dairy butter.
  • Cut the bread into triangles.
  • It’s customary to cut each bread in half, into two triangles of equal size.
  • Still, feel free to create and use whatever you want.
  • Try slicing bread into circles, hearts, stars or any other way that draws your attention.
  • Use link file cutters for any easy task, or design your shapes with a sharp knife.


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Method 2 of 2:

Decorating fairy bread:

  • He’s spraying hundreds and thousands on top.
  • First, pour the soles on a plate.
  • Then click gently on each slice in the sprinkles, with the butter down.
  • Hundreds and thousands must stick to bread.
  • Make sure you cover every square millimeter in color! Finally, do the loose grain tower on the dish.
  • Alternately, simply spray hundreds and thousands on bread with side butter.
  • It may take longer to achieve the same spray density.
  • Get creative, Consider adding further additions to the Funny Bread’s unconventional touch.
  • Add your favorite jelly beans, sugar, chocolate chips, coconut saws or candy – anything that draws your attention.
  • Fairy bread is an essential element of children’s parties, but it can be a great treat for anyone.
  • Try making fantasy bread on Australia Day to celebrate tradition.
  • Arrange the slides on a plate, make sure you remove hundreds and thousands in bulk!


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Community questions and answers:

Is the fairy bread healthy?

  • Imaginary bread is meant as a party snack, like cake.
  • Because it’s covered in spray and butter, it’s not very healthy.


Can I use less butter for imaginary bread?

  • You can use a thin swab of butter, but the soles may fall.
  • Try nut butter or non-dairy fat if you prefer it, or low-fat creme cheese.


Can you make fairy bread the next day, or is it better to make it the day it’s served?

  • You better make it the day you serve it, so it’s not butter.


What’s “hundreds of thousands“?

  • It’s an Australian way of saying sprinklers.
  • They call it because it’s small, but it’s too much.
  • It’s easy to imagine there being 100,0000 machine guns in a bag.


Can I put dessert and frost on it?

  • You put whatever you want on it.
  • It may not be imaginary bread anymore.

I’ve never heard of “hundreds and thousands” What is it?

  • In America, some people call it nonpareils.
  • Hundreds and thousands” are small solid colored machine guns.



  • If you like a little crispy, toast a little.
  • Still, don’t toast too much to carry sprinklers!
  • You can use all kinds of sprinklers.
  • However, hundreds and thousands of rainbows are traditional.
  • Make more imaginary bread you think you’ll need.
  • These things are going fast!
  • You can also replace butter with nutella or chocolate fat.

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