Get Rid of Yellow Teeth 12 Natural Ways

12 Natural Ways to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

get Rid of Yellow Teeth, after writing post about how to whiten teeth naturally, I get so many queries about how to get rid of yellow teeth so finally I write post on yellow teeth hope you like this one the way you like my older post. Are you losing your confidence due to yellow teeth?

get Rid of Yellow Teeth

If yes, then stop seeking medical procedures right now, they not only expensive but makes your teeth sensitive and sometimes it hurts after treatment.

As white teeth is a symbol of good hygiene and everyone dream to get white pearly teeth but due to our negligence and poor lifestyle we face yellow teeth.

I admit that last year I paid lot on teeth whiteners and you are surprised to know that they don’t work a little bit, after spending money I start searching some home ingredients that works for me.

Now stop bleaching your teeth and start using  some natural ingredients me to get rid of yellow teeth but you have to be patience because it takes some time to convert yellow teeth to white, sparkling teeth.

What causes yellow teeth?

Before we move to home remedies we should discuss some causes so next time you prevent yourself from teeth discoloration.

Tobacco and Alcohol: When you are out of your moderation level and drink a lot of alcohol, do smoking and chewing tobacco cause yellow teeth.

Oral hygiene: Sometimes insufficient brushing, flossing and not using of mouthwash can lead of yellow teeth.

Food and beverages: Due to some foods and beverages we stain the enamel, as we get older our enamel gets weaker, try to avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks and some other foods which weaken our tooth tissues.

Aging and Genetics Did you know when you get older your outer layer o enamel broken down plus it exposes the color of dentin which is naturally in yellow color.

Sometimes our genes play an important role in causing yellow teeth, some peoples born with thicker enamel than others.

Certain medications: The antibiotics and medicines which prescribe for high blood pressure are known to be the biggest cause of yellow teeth.

Infection and Poor metabolism: In some cases infection, high fever and poor metabolism cause yellow teeth, pregnant women has a high risk of tooth discoloration due to poor Metabolism, they are also sensitive and easily get infected.

Excessive use of fluoride: If you have a habit of overusing of fluoride rinses, toothpaste and supplements with high level of fluorides then maybe at some age you face yellow teeth, also avoid to rinse your teeth with water which have naturally high level of fluoride.

Symptoms of yellow teeth: After the causes, it’s time to discuss its symptoms, one of the first sign that we notice the existence of white, yellow or sometimes brown stains.

If you are a smoker you may notice a delay in the healing of gums and also sometimes inflammation occurs. You may also notice something sticky tar like substance always present on your teeth, bad breath and tooth decay are also the main symptoms of yellow teeth.

Few more simple tips to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

  1. Drink lot of water because it helps you to hydrate your body and flush out the toxins, drinking two litres of water rinse out our mouth and teeth which are not only good for teeth but also beneficial for overall health.
  2. Try to brush your teeth after every meal especially when you eat any dessert or sugary snacks like chocolates, ice creams. You can also use pocket size teeth wipes or mouthwashes if you don’t want to brush your teeth if you are in a hurry and has no time then simply rinse your mouth with water it’s very effective.
  3. If you like to chew gums then it’s good news that chewing sugar-free chew gums help to whiten yellow teeth.
  4. Some foods can spoil your dream to whiten teeth, you should avoid them or if you can’t then simply brush your teeth after eating them, these foods are coffee, tea, citric fruits, varieties of berries, soda, soft drinks like cola, curries, soy sauce, ketchups, cranberry juice, red wine, popsicles, candy, sugary sweets and sport drinks which stain your tongue and teeth.

Home Remedies to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

1.) Activated Charcoal to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

As charcoal used in the ancient times to get whiter teeth, its crystals helps to remove bacteria and impurities from the water.


Take charcoal powder you don’t get charcoal powder then don’t worry simply you can buy any activated charcoal capsules from the superstore.

Mix charcoal powder with either lemon juice or with plain water, brush your teeth with this mixture daily or every alternate day for two minutes if you want to get rid of yellow teeth naturally.

2.) Baking Soda 

After writing the beauty uses of baking soda it’s time to highlight its more benefits regarding oral hygiene, as baking soda is not only used in baking or getting rid of body odor or all types of odor, but it helps to get whiter teeth in less time.

Some people use baking soda as a toothpaste because it’s free from chemicals, it easily polishes every inch of your teeth and it’s also cheaper than any other whitening product.

Baking Soda to get Rid of Yellow Teeth


Take one tablespoon of baking soda mix it with some salt and few drops of water, when it become thick paste brush your teeth very gently with this thick mixture, you may notice a bad smell while brushing but it’s totally normal, don’t forget to brush your teeth again with a mint toothpaste.

Use this remedy only twice a week no more than that as baking soda weaken your enamel if you use it daily.

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3.) Use Salt to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Salt is a common ingredient that found in every home. It’s ideal for dental cleaning and its helps to restore the mineral which lost in the teeth, it also help to achieve whiteness and kill bacteria.

Don’t rub too fast as it very harmful for your delicate gums and enamel.


  • Take half tablespoon salt and add few drops of water.
  • brush your teeth with this mixture, but be gentle while going this.
  • brush your teeth with a mint toothpaste after this salty mixture.
  • You can also mix salt with baking soda or lemon juice with salt, mix these ingredients and use with your brush.
  • Don’t use this mixture more than twice a week, this is one of the best home remedies to get whiter teeth naturally.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

If your teeth are stain due to drinking coffee and tea then apple cider vinegar is right for you, apple cider vinegar helps to whiten your stain teeth and its acidic in nature.

It also kills the bacterias which are harmful to our teeth, it clears our gums and teeth problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Apple cider vinegar used in many beauty products and it has many uses from the skin to hair care, as I personally use it to make my hair soft, shiny and silky.

But be careful remember to dilute apple cider vinegar with some water before using because it’s very strong.


  • Take equals parts of both apple cider vinegar and water then gargle your mouth with this water.
  • let it stay for one minute to your teeth.
  • then brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with some water it’s very effective to get rid of yellow teeth.

5.) Try Basil leaves to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Holy basil is very well known for its health benefits from oral care to fever, stress and respiratory disorders.

Holy basil is basically a plant and its originally found in India its also known as Tulsi. Holy basil is also used in many dishes due to its peppery taste.


  • Take some fresh basil leaves.
  • Put them in the shade for drying, when its fully dried crush them and make a very fine powder.
  • You save this powder in any air tight jar.
  • Now mix the basil powder with some mustard oil or orange peel powder.
  • After mixing all the ingredients together take your brush and apply it on your teeth very gently for around one to two minutes.
  • let stay for five more minutes, then again brush your teeth.
  • Rinse well with water.
  • Brush your teeth again with your regular toothpaste if you want.
  • This home remedy not only good to get rid of yellow teeth but also helps in many teeth problems like a toothache, bleeding gums and swelling gums.

6.) Use Mash strawberries to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Try to add strawberries in your diet because it doesn’t help to whiten teeth but also great for your skin and hairs, as strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C and strawberries for their bleaching effect which helps you to get rid of yellow teeth naturally.


  • Grab a bowl of strawberries.
  • you need only one piece of strawberry.
  • now mash it, apply it on your teeth with the help of toothbrush and even on all teeth.
  • let it stay of 10 minutes.
  • then paste again, rinse off your teeth with water.
  • Now brush teeth with your regular toothpaste.
  • You can also mix strawberries with baking soda or you it alone whatever you just use it.
  • Try to eat one cup of strawberries daily to get whiter teeth.

7.) Use Orange Peel to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Do you love juicy oranges? Yes, I know everyone loves them then why you throw out its peel in dustbin don’t you know that it’s highly beneficial and has many uses not in beauty but also for health as well.

So next time when you consume oranges just saves its peel if you want to solve your many skin or health problems.

Orange peels help in weight loss, digestion problems, it’s also very good to get rid of age spots naturally, so can also save orange peels by drying them in shades.

Do you hate bad breath? If yes, then don’t waste your money on mouth fresheners just chew some pieces of orange peels it’s effective and cheaper.


  • If your teeth are stain then simply rub the inner part o an orange peel to your teeth for two to three minutes.
  • you can also make paste of orange peel and mix some pinch of salt, you can also use orange peel powder if you want.
  • apply this mixture on your teeth.
  • Rub them gently or if you are using orange peel powder then use it with your brush.
  • After rubbing let it sit or three to our minutes.
  • Rinse your teeth after this mixture and brush your teeth with a good quality toothpaste.

8.) Use Glycerin And Lemon to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Glycerin is an organic compound sweet in taste and also it’s non-toxic, it’s easily available at any superstore.

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and due to its bleaching properties it’s an ideal ingredient for yellow teeth. Lemon is also good to enhance your beauty and skin tone, lemons are not only used for weight loss, but it also used to enhance the flavour of many dishes due to its tangy flavour.

Sometimes lemon may give you a tangy sensation but don’t worry it’s for just a few seconds.


  • Mix lemon juice with glycerin in equal parts.
  • Now rub this mixture into your stained teeth.
  • Let it stay for few minutes, then again brush your teeth to spread it once again.
  • After this brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste.
  • Don’t use this mixture more than twice a week, as more than that may weaken your enamel.

9.) Eat Apples to get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Eat one apple in a day keeps the doctor away, this line hides a thousand words in itself. As red delicious apples look so attractive and I can’t resist myself to buy them.

Apples are high in antioxidants, fiber and many essential vitamins.

An apple won’t replace your regular toothbrush or paste but if you bite and chew your apple wisely then it helps to stimulate the production of saliva .

and also reduce tooth decay and kills bacteria so eat a medium size apple everyday, you can also make a paste of apple and rub it with the help of your brush for two to three minutes, then rinse your teeth very well with water. Apple’s help you to get whiter and healthier teeth in less than a week.

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10.) Use Lemon peel 

As above I mention the uses of lemon juice and its benefits like banana peel, lemon peels are very useful and beneficial for our teeth, its scrubbing texture help to polish teeth texture, lemon peels are very cheap and effective for teeth.


  • Take lemon peel.
  • Rub its inner part to your teeth.
  • You can also add some salt to lemon peels and rub your teeth with this.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.
  • Boil some pieces of lemon peels into the water.
  • Gargle your teeth with this water which we boil as it doesn’t only helps to get rid of yellow teeth but it also freshen your breath.

11.) Use Banana Peel 

Just wait don’t throw your banana peels as they makes a good alternative to any teeth whiteners, nowadays banana peels are used to whiten skin tones, I personally used banana peels to get rid of dark circles under eyes but now many dentists prove that that it’s an easy and cheapest method to whiten your yellow teeth without harming them.

Actually you are thinking how it works? Because the minerals which are present in banana peels are quickly absorbed by our teeth and these minerals are also very helpful to whiten your yellow teeth.

If your teeth and gums are sensitive then banana peels are a great option for your sensitive teeth.


  • Take a banana peel rub the inner part to your teeth, remember its very delicate so be gentle.
  • After rubbing let it stay on your teeth for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After that brush your teeth in circular motions.
  • Rinse your teeth well.
  • Do this treatment regularly or up to two weeks to see noticeable difference just take a picture of your teeth before and after two weeks.

12.) Eat Calcium Rich Foods 

Calcium is really good to get strong bones and teeth, always add calcium-rich foods in your diet if you wish to have stronger and whiter teeth.

Cleaning is very important for our teeth but did you know that the kind o food you eat represents your dental health and its history.

foods that are rich in calcium gives you a healthy saturated fats and minerals that only found in these foods, it also helps to encourage and stimulate their mineralization of tooth enamel.

It also helps to prevent tooth decay and maintaining cavity-free teeth, so try to add milk and yoghurt in your diet.

Did you know that chewing a piece of cheese after taking your regular meal gives you a stain-free teeth without any hassle? Cheese is my damn favourite ingredient whenever I make pizza I add extra lot of extra cheese yum yum yummy, my mother is very strict she gives us a glass of milk every morning from the childhood we have to finish it, at that time I really don’t like it but now when I know that calcium is very important I thanks my mother that she do a lot for me.


Regular brushing, cleaning and flossing of your teeth  after eating every meal helps to keep you teeth healthy and reduce plaque buildup. Always use a straw whenever you are going to consume any drink like coffee, tea and drinks which stain your teeth.

Did you know that consuming a cup of green tea every day doesn’t only helps to get rid of yellow teeth naturally but also prevent you from the harmful bacterias?

Rather than these home remedies oil pulling, banyan root, bay leaves, dark chocolates, tree swings, turmeric and many more ingredients help to whiten your teeth.

Remember to brush your teeth at morning before breakfast and at night when you are going to bed for sleep this routine is very effective and it’s really for me as well.

Follow these strategies and home remedies because they keep your gums healthier and makes you smile and picture ready for every moment.

I hope you like my remedies, don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedbacks about these home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth, if you find some other interesting and useful remedy do share with us in the below comment box. Take care and keep reading.

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