hair curls – 5 perfect ways without heat

5 perfect ways to hair curls without heat

hair curls

hair curls, There is a great deal of hyperboles that hair electronics cause hair damage leading to hair fall and hair loss gradually. However, this isn’t exactly the real side of the story. 

Throughout my life in high school and university I have seen many girls who used to iron and curl their hair on a daily basis, yet holding beautiful and shiny hair.

There is ample amount of factors that constitute together and create hair issues, the use of electronic maybe one of those. Being a girl you would always want to carry a fabulous look at the party or gathering and for that you need a classy hairstyle.

These days curly hair is the ultimate love of all; Hillary Duff curls are the most wanted types, and similarly many other celebrities are an ideal face because of their loose bouncy curls.

There are a large assortment of brands which offer curl machines and tools, and their use can lead you to attain triumph by having desired curls.

But, if no heat curl is your concern then you may look at some of the simple and gentle ways of getting beautiful curls.

Something to note:

If you have thick and long, a little exposure of the hair dyer won’t affect your hair at all; however, those with thin hair should avoid the dyers use to the fullest.

Get your sexy hair curls without heat:

Well, when you are not using any electronic tools for getting curls, you need to invest a little in obtaining the substitute products.

There is are different methods for getting no heat curls, but the best one, which produce amazing results are listed in the excerpt;

1: Rollers:

I am not talking about the old fashioned sponge rollers here, they were really bad, I know. You must have seen them in your mother’s cosmetic drawer.

One complaint that I have always come across, these rollers gets stuck in the hair and absorbs the entire moisture. This causes lots of hair damage too; you need to seek professional help when playing with them.

These days’ magnetic rollers are available in the market, and their assortment is mind blowing too. Now, you can even curl the shortest tresses easily.

In order to see the best results, use them after you get the fresh hair wash and conditioner; this would help you get volume in the hair after the curls. One tip that I would add here, let the hair get dry completely when the rollers on, this could help in getting frizz free hair.

2: Straw Sets:

These curls are treated with the drinking straws, must sound weird to you but the results are mind blowing. Basically those who want the fuller look must try this type of method. The curls obtained are tight and the hair would look really short.

3: Flexible Rods:

If you wish to get spiral curls than the use of flexible rods is ideal for you. They are extremely user friendly- all you have to do is wrap your hair strand around the rods and pin them up with a bobby pin.

Make sure you do the entire thing smoothly so that frizz free hair curls can be obtained. You can wrap both dry and damp hair around the rod and when it over night. If you think the curls are tight enough, you can run fingers down for five minutes and get them loose.

4: Bantu knots:

You can make Bantu knots in the wet hair and get the tighter curls easily. For a great African hair type, this method is used a lot because it’s simple and produces amazing results.

5: Rag hair curls:

It is the most inexpensive type of method which can bring you the best outcome in the form of great bouncy curls.

Cut any old cloth and make 12 inch long rags; take a section of your hair and wrap it around the rag and tie it together so that it does get loose. Leave for 4 hours or more and get the best type of loose curls.

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