How to Style Curly Hair at Home

Style Curly Hair at Home

curly hair

I know most of us fed up with these curly hairs, but believe me the peoples who are not born with natural curly hairs spends lot of time with curling products or in the salons to get curly hairs, at the other side it’s very hard to manage curly hair cause it gets frizzy and dry easily.

How do I know about these things?

Because I born with curly hairs and I know that it’s very challenging to manage them and also style them, but I find some easy ways to style curly hair.

Now I can style my hair in less time but you need some practice because it takes some time to know how much quantity or which product is right for you. With the right care, products and some techniques you can achieve beautiful and soft curls in no time, I bet you after knowing these techniques you love your hairs like me.

Right hair cut to style curly hair

It’s very important to get a right type of hair cut to style curly hair, although curly girls are difficult to cut that why find an expert who know each and everything about curly hair, with the right type of hair cut.

you can done the half procedure to style your curly hair, every time when I get a nice hair cut I totally fall in love with my hair as the curls are so defined and hair look bouncy and super shiny. Always wash your hair before the haircut, so the hair expert better knows which hair style suits you. Also, remember to trim your ends after 6 to 8 weeks to avoid dry and frizzy hairs.

How to take care of curly hair

It’s very important to take care of curly hair properly as they prone to dry, rough and frizzy easily, as weather changes your hairs also change its texture so it’s very important to know what they need and which product apply at which time. Below I reveal some techniques and secrets to taking care of your curly hair properly.

1. Choose best hair products for curly hair


Change your hair products every season, as everyone knows curly hairs are rough and frizzy so always choose a shampoo and conditioner which moisture and nourish your scalp and hairs. You can use sulfate free shampoos or you can use the product which is especially for curly hairs.

2. Leave in conditioner to style curly hair


If you have curly hairs like me then I know you spend lot of money on expensive products, but many of us don’t know that leave in conditioners plays a major role in styling and taking care of curly hair because it gives enough moisture to your hairs. Don’t worry if you don’t have leave in conditioner you can use your normal conditioner as well, at night apply your normal conditioner to all over your hairs except scalp, leave it overnight and wash off at the next morning, if you don’t want to leave it overnight then try to let it stay on your hair for at least half hour to get good result. Is it simple? Yes, it is after doing that you see a noticeable difference in your curls.

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3. Try a curl enhancer for curly hair

To find the best curl enhancer product you have to experiment with different anti frizz serums and creams, I try lot of serums to smooth and define my curls but at the end I got only two serums which are all time my favorite these are john Frieda frizz ease extra strength serum and dove nourishing oil care vita oil serum I love them both.

but first one is great more than dove. Apply two to three pumps of freshly shampoo hair from roots to tip, now start combing them with wide tooth comb this may cause some breakage but its normal, at the mean time you notice a visible change in your hair and also these serums and creams help you to enhance your curls in less time, after that coat your hair with curl enhancing gel and scrunch your hairs softly and your you are ready to go.

4. Distribute hair product correctly for curly hair


Many of us don’t know that whether we have curly hair or straight hair it’s very important to know how to distribute a hair product correctly, at this point I want to share a tips with all of you that many of hairstylists recommend us to brush hair regularly.

but I recommend to all people who have curly hair don’t use brush as it makes your hair more frizzy, one thing one try to use less comb and don’t wash your hair more than twice a week. When I was in the shower it was very hard to spread shampoo and conditioner to all over my hair.

sometimes I apply so much product, sometimes less, so it was challenging to apply right amount, so take a coin size shampoo and conditioner not more than that, rub your conditioner into your palms, then starting from the ends to the roots, after that take a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the conditioner to your hair. You also can use it for shampoo and serum as well.

5. Airs dry your curly hair

Do you know that by using hair dryer or over rubbing your hair with towel damage your hair and also destroy the texture of curls, so the better option is let the air dry, I know many of us don’t have patience but believe me by drying your hair in air you not only save your money on heat protective protects but it’s good for overall health of hair.

curly hair takes more time than silky straight hair because curly hairs are thicker. So if there is so occasion or you are in a hurry and no time for air drying then use a hair dryer with diffuser with the lowest setting, but remember don’t make it a habit.

6. Don’t touch your curly hairs

When you are noticing that after two or three hours your curly hair going to fall, look dull and frizzy, you know why? Because touching too much curly hair make them look down. After apply serums and hair products never ever touch your hair.

style your hair when it is still little bit wet, then let them free, playing and styling the dry hair make them more frizzy and may be you face breakage as well. At the end of the day if you want to make your curls as fresh like in the morning just wet them a little bit, apply serum, curl cream or whatever you want just scrunch your hair a little bit and you are real to go. Its very important to know these tips if you are going to style your hair.

Curly hair styles to look stylish

1. Rolled Headband updo for curly hair


This hairstyle is perfect for those messy curly hair days,  as it works on all type of hairs, you can make this hairstyle pretty easily with an elastic headband, with it you can make this hairstyle in just 2 minutes. Whenever I wear this hairstyle I have a very vintage feel, what’s you think?

How to make Rolled Headband updo

First of all dry your hair completely, then comb or brush your hair properly, lay them back, now decide where you want to part your hair, it really looks good with center part, you can try the side part as well.

Now take elastic headband, place it on your hairs push it down, it should be below the occipital bone, now it’s time to pinch or inserting your hairs around the headband.  Take a section of your hair it should be 2 inches.

just start near from ear slightly curve them around, insert the end of the hair on the bottom of headband, keep inserting your hairs in until you can’t get a roll.

Now take other section and do the same procedure until you’re all hairs forms a roll. To it side by side start from the left side then after doing the left side, go to right side, leave the center part, after rolling all hairs from left and right, take center part of your hair and inserting them, as helps to you get a nice finish and perfect look.

At the end you can use some bobby pins to keep your hairstyle in one place, use a hairspray too, you can use flowers and beads at the end this will give an elegant look to your hairstyle.

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2. Twist bun Hairstyle for curly hair


This hairstyle is perfect when you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to properly style your hairs, twist bun looks very classic and its shows beautiful texture and shine of your curly hair.

So now you are thinking what we should need for this twist bun hairstyle, you need just a good quality elastic band, a hair spray and few bobby pins that’s it.

How to make twist bun Hairstyle for curly hair

First of all completely dry your hair, then comb it really well, if you have slightly fringe or little hair at front leave them out, make a ponytail now it’s your choose make it loose or tight whatever you want.

So if you like tight ponytail like me, I suggest you to use a comb at the end of your hairs, and then use a little bit hairspray secure your hair with elastic band, just to keep your hairs in one place.

Hold your ponytail and start rolling around make it tight, now secure it with bobby pins. Make it goes all around spinning it well and use bobby pins to grab them in one place, use hairspray at the end for a glossy finish.

3. Half crown braid Hairstyle for curly hair


I wear this hairstyle a lot because it looks classy and pretty too, this hairstyle can be created in less than five minutes and also this Half crown braid hairstyle helps you to keep your hair back and away from your face so go on and try this hairstyle its look perfect on curly hairs.

How to make Half crown braid Hairstyle for curly hair

Start with dry hair, start a section of hair from the right side of your hair just above from the ear, right. Split this section into three parts and start making a braid. After finishing this braid angle this braid back just around your hair, now secure the end of the braid with a small elastic band.

Now same repeat this on the left side, take a section, split them into three parts and at the last secure the end with the elastic band.

This is the main part, take right side braid now cross it at the back of your head, secure it with bobby pins, now cross the left side braid over the right side braid and pinch or insert the end in behind the first braid now quickly secure it with bobby pins, at the end just use hairspray for shine and it will hold them in place.

4. French tail braid Hairstyle for curly hair


This hairstyle gives volume and some bounce to curly hair, you if you want some volume and length for short hair then this hairstyle is perfect choose. If you are beginner then might find it difficult at the starting but just play with this hairstyle, remember try to hold your hair strands tightly in this hairstyle.

How to make French tail braid Hairstyle for curly hair

If you are beginner then use Pin Tail comb to section your hairs, starting from the top of the head middle part, take a section using Pin Tail comb or if you are expert like me you can use your hands for this, split them into three parts, start by a basic braid, try to hold these three strands into your left hand, keep them separate.

Take a small strand from the right side, add this strand to the right one, now take the hair strand you add, bring this over to the middle and the middle strand to the right side, now take all the strands in your right hand,

you have to switch these strands from right hand to left hand, now same as the right one, take a small hair section from the left side, join it to the left strand, now bring this hair strand over the middle one, bring the middle strand to the left, try to keep your hair just close to the head not go so far this will help you to get tight braid, now repeat right and left procedure until no hairs is left to add,

now finish the rest one with simple basic braid, at the end secure it with a elastic band, use some hairspray to hold your hairs in one place you can also use beads in the braid to if you want more gorgeous look.

Other than this take care of your diet because a healthy diet and lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining healthy hairs, eat lot of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, drink 10 to 12 glasses of water and take enough sleep.

I know many of us use flat iron because dealing with straight hair is much more easy then curly hairs, but what if you love your curls? If you really love them them please throw the flat iron away.

If you have any other suggestion do let us know, if you like my post please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the below comment box.




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