For the parents, the biggest wish is that their own babies can have a healthy life and grow up. Many experts who are dedicated to kid researches told us that, before kid reach 10 years ago, it is the golden time for their brain to have the best development. So that parents and teachers of the kindergartens should pay more special attention on the balanced diets which can also provide enough nutrients for the kid, so as to let the kid to have a good eating habit. As parents usually want to do what they can do for their kids, but than they should also know that eating in the right way is very important for the kids. What are the foods that kids under 10 years old must not eat? Let us learn together!

 Kids less than 3 months old should absorb salts

Kids less than 3 months old should absorb salts


Kids under 3 months old do not need external salt supplies at all. As they can absorb enough salts from the milk. When they are older than 3 months old, their renal is far better and they need more salts at that time. At that time, they can absorb a small quantity of salts. The rule is that they should not eat more than 1 gram of salt when they are older than 6 months old.


Kids less than 1 year old must not eat honey


The flora inside the intestine of the kids under 1 year old has not been fully developed. It is easy for them to have infection after they eat honey. They may have Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. After they are older than 1 year ago, they can eat honey as the flora has been developed.


Kids less than 3 years old must not drink teas


Kids under 3 years old must not drink teas because there are large quantities of tannic acid in varieties of teas, which can infect the absorption of the protein, mineral, calcium, zinc, and iron from food. This can affect the normal growing because of the lack of proteins and minerals. The caffeine in teas is a type of strong stimulants, which may reduce the effect of ADHD of children.


Kids less than 5 years old must not take any supplements of nutrition


It is the critical period of the growth of kids under 5 years old. There are lots of hormones or hormone substances in the supplements of nutrition, which can lead to the kid to be short in height and precocious puberty because of the interference to the system by hormones. In addition, it can also cause bleeding gums, thirst, constipation, high blood pressure, bloating and other symptoms.


Kids less than 10 years old must not take any pickled food


There are two reasons for not doing this. First of all, they contain high quantity of salt which may easily lead to high in blood pressure. Secondly, they contained a lot of nitrite. Aflatoxin, benzopyrene and nitrite are known as carcinogenic. Many researches shown that if kids less than 10 years old eat pickled food, the chance of having cancer is 3 times higher than the normal people, especially pharynx cancer.

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