Whiten Teeth – how to get a Beautiful Smile Naturally

For Beautiful Smile: How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Whiten Teeth

White teeth are an important part of the personality. Teeth are naturally white and if someone’s teeth are discolored due to many reasons and disease, there are many ways to whiten the teeth.

Everyone wants to whiten his teeth. White teeth make your personality attractive and impressive.

Here are some natural ways to whiten the teeth naturally. People with destroyed teeth like use the advanced and medical related process to whiten the teeth, instead the natural method to whiten the teeth are more effective as compared to others.

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Eat crunchy foods

Crunchy foods help in whiten the teeth because these foods contain some substances which help in the removal of the chemicals and sugar from the mouth as these sugars and chemicals cause cavities and holes in the teeth.

These foods remove all sticky foods from our mouth as sticky foods are the main criminals causing cavities in the mouth. Malic acid is an acid which helps in keeping the teeth white and maintain the natural white color of teeth.

Malic acid is commonly present in apples, so daily intake of apple help in keeping the teeth white and healthy. Cucumber, celery, broccoli, carrots and a few other vegetables are categorized as the natural a simple tooth whitener.

These foods increase the production of saliva in the mouth and the production of saliva removes the stains and cavity causing substances from the mouth.

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Baking soda and lemon juice paste

Baking soda is also called as the sodium Bicarbonate. It is a very good substance for teeth and is mildly abrasive and helps in removing the stain causing substances from mouth and gives a whiter shade of teeth.

It lowers the PH of the saliva, which may cause yellowing of teeth. Lemon juice is also an acidic food and it acts as natural bleach to the sorts. Add a few drops of baking soda and add a few spoons of lemon juice, stir it until it becomes thick.

Use it as a paste; it will rub all stain and cavity causing substance from the mouth.

Strawberry, salt and baking soda to whiten the teeth

It is another natural tip to whiten the teeth. Strawberry, salt and baking soda all are helpful in keeping the natural color of teeth.

These three elements maintain the color of teeth. Strawberry is a rich source of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and malic acid, both these elements re essential to whiten teeth.

Both these elements remove the stains and yellow color from the mouth.

Along with strawberry, baking soda is extra touches which removes all dirty sentences from the surface of the mouth and keep teeth fresh and white.

Mix three large strawberries with one pinch of salt and add one tablespoon of baking soda and rub it one tooth.

Coconut oil rinse

This is absolutely an impressive and effective way to remove the bad and yellow substances from the mouth and whiten teeth.

It is an old home made remedy which was used in ancient times to whiten teeth. Coconut oil also removes the bacteria from the mouth as bacteria create plaques and stains in the mouth and also cause discoloration of teeth.

The use of coconut oil will maintain the natural color of teeth.

Apple cider vinegar

The intake of coffee and nicotine containing foods leaves unnecessary substances in the mouth and cause stubborn stain in the teeth.

To rinse mouth with apple cider vinegar make teeth whiten and will maintain the natural color of teeth.

Brush after eating and drinking

This is the best natural way to maintain the natural color of teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating and drinking will maintain the natural color of teeth and will keep teeth healthy and white

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